Sustainable Farming

Niravu Farmers Producer Co. Ltd. has been actively promoting sustainable farming practices for over a decade. In collaboration with NABARD, they have proposed various project such as Banana Bank and Pro Planter

Banana Bank

Niravu Farmers Producer Co. Ltd. has been active in sustainable farming practices for more than a decade. In cooperation with NABARD, they started a project called Banana Bank, which aims to promote the cultivation of banana in the community.

The project has been a success, with one of the directors, Sri. Babu Parambath, nurturing the habit of cultivating banana of different varieties in his homestead. He has also supplied young seedlings/saplings to the needy after harvesting the older ones.

The project has also been replicated by other directors in their homesteads. Young saplings are also provided to other farmers from their nursery.

Niravu Farmers Producer Co. Ltd. has a novel idea of propagating the cultivation of banana within compounds in their jurisdiction. They have a good relationship with different local bodies and intend to propagate to such areas also.

The project will be implemented in the following areas: Perambra, Naduvannur, Kakkodi, Kuruvattoor, Balussery, Unnikulam, Kunnamangalam, Gramapanchayaths and Calicut Corporation in Kozhikode Dist. and Vazhakkad Vazhayoor in Malappuram Dist.

A monitoring team will be formed to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. The team will comprise of members from the NSS unit of Providence Womens College, Calicut.
The project is expected to have a positive impact on the community by

  • Increasing the production of bananas
  • Creating jobs
  • Promoting sustainable farming practices
  • Improving the health of the community