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The Niravu residents association that has been successfully executing the zero-budget waste management, Zero pesticide organic farming and Energy conservation activities has taken steps to implement the project at different parts of Kozhikode city. Many schools and Kudumbashree workers have already been given awareness classes on the ill-effects of plastic waste to the students , house owners and society as a whole. We have launched ‘ Niravu Awareness Programme’ to create interest in Zero waste management, Zero pesticides organic farming and Energy conservation. This 1hr seminar/class is mainly focused on a group, especially residents associations, students etc. Interested groups can contact us to organise the seminar.

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After schools, colleges, and many residential forums in the district, a high flying customer — Calicut International Airport, Karipur — has adopted the waste management method developed by Niravu Vengeri. Based on a consultancy agreement entered into by airport authorities and representatives of Niravu Vengeri a couple of months ago, arrangements, including construction of waste segregation sheds, biogas plant, and stocking yard, have been set up on 1.5 acres near the airport. The work has almost been completed and waste processing has begun. Only the vegetable garden as part of the project is to be readied yet. The management of waste, including plastic and organic, from the aircraft, airport canteens, and residential quarters, had remained a problem. He said the airport handled over 30 flights and dealt with 15 to 20,000 people, including passengers and visitors, daily. We were left to manage about 400 to 500 kg of waste every day. Besides the environmental implications, the waste had also been attracting birds, including eagles, posing a threat to aircraft operations.
The operations:
Once Niravu took over as the consultant of the waste-management project, an action plan was prepared. The work started on December 9, 2013 and was completed on January 9, 2014 and the project was inaugurated on January 10.
Ashes as manure:
Lightweight organic waste such as tissue paper and paper cover will be burnt and the ashes will be used as fertilizer for the garden to come up as part of the project. The kitchen waste from the staff quarters of the airport will be brought to the biogas plant at the yard.

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A ‘light revolution’ is slowly emerging in Kozhikode. As in many other groundbreaking, eco-friendly initiatives, we are the epicentre of this pioneering initiative too. It all began as part of an energy conservation project, ‘Oorjasree'. Oorjasree was meant to significantly bring down the power consumption of the member-households through a set of deliberate and pre-planned activities, including intensive awareness programmes and replacement of incandescent bulbs with LED lamps. As part of the project, each household was given a set of five LED lamps to replace the existing incandescent bulbs. At a later stage, we decided to give at least one LED lamp as well to each resident. A few sets of LED lamps were initially purchased from the local market, as a sample, before it was bulk-purchased for distribution. It was found that any standard 3-watt LED light cost over Rs.500 a piece. It made us think of an economic alternative. This was when M.P.C. Nambiar, a retired electronics engineer from the Indian Army, hailing from a neighbouring village came up with the idea of training select members of the residents’ forum in assembling LED lamps with components purchased from Mumbai and Bangalore. Mr. Nambiar himself later volunteered to train select members from the forum in making LED lamps. In the meantime, a survey conducted by the residents’ forum found it had over a dozen youngsters as its members with either a degree or a diploma in electronics. Initially, we trained as many as 12 members, including girls,in assembling LED lights at a reasonable rate,. The members of the first batch, who are at present training the next batch of youngsters, who also include schoolchildren and homemakers, have already manufactured over 1000 LED lamps. A salesman at a bookshop in the city, himself assembles a few LED lamps before he goes to the shop in the morning. The rate of power consumption by the members of the residents’ forum has already come down drastically. With new batches of members and more number of LEDs being produced from different residential facilities of the forum, Niravu is now planning to sell the LEDs to the public at a reasonable rate.

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'Niravu Agricultre consultation' wing is a group of experienced volunteers who have been working with 'Niravu' since its beginning. We provide completely independent source of advice, practical help and change management assistance for individuals, associations, companies, government departments and aid organisations involved in agriculture, agribusiness and rural development.

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The DECC had invited proposals for environment-related projects with a theme ‘Nadin Suchithwam Veedukaliloode,’ (Cleanliness of the land through cleanliness of homes) earlier in 2012. The Niravu residential forum sent the proposal for a domestic organic vegetable farming project integrating it with a domestic solid waste management plan named ‘Jaivasree,’ to be implemented among 50 select residents of the forum. As per the project, selected by the authorities as part of its environmental awareness campaign named Paristhithikam 2012-13, each resident will individually make organic vermicompost from the biodegradable kitchen waste they produce. And it will be used as manure for vegetables they cultivate in their kitchen yard in one-foot-high earthen pots. The selected residents will be given as many as 10 earthen pots each as part of the scheme. The residents will be given seeds or saplings of select vegetable varieties such as spinach, okra, brinjal, tomato, green chilli, cowpea, and bush pepper to be planted with proper domestic supervision. Over 500 earthen pots have been purchased by the forum. They have also collected organic vegetable seeds and saplings. The Centre for Water Resources Development and Management had given bush pepper saplings free of cost. CWRDM has given free training for activities connecting to organic farming. Agriculture Minister K.P. Mohanan inaugurated the project by planting a bush pepper sapling.

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The seed, for the farmer, is not merely the source of future plants / food; it is the storage place of culture, of history. Seed is the first link in the food chain. Seed is the ultimate symbol of food security. A test conducted by the Pesticide Residue Laboratory of the Kerala Agricultural University on eight types of vegetables procured from the Niravu- Vengeri, the collective forum of 101 households confirmed that the vegetables are pesticide free. The laboratory test was conducted jointly by the Kerala Agriculture University and Agriculture department under its plan scheme for production and marketing of safe to eat (pesticide free) vegetables for sale through government outlets. Niravu ‘Vengeri brinjal’ seeds are available through registered postal service or you can collect the seeds from our outlet at Kozhikode (1 st floor, Deira Bazar, Mariyamman Kovil road, Palayam, Kozhikode Phn. 9447 276177. For further clarification, please click here.

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Niravu has installed a rain gauge with the help of the Centre for Water Resources Development and Management (CWRDM) on the rooftop of one of its houses at Vengeri. Two technical officers from CWRDM, Abdul Hameed and Dr. K.R. Prasannakumar, installed the instrument, which will measure the volume of rain received in the area over a set period of time. The officers trained members from the youth wing of the forum in periodic measuring of the rain received. Mr. Hameed said that though several rain gauges were installed in the district under the government and private ownership, it was for the first time that an instrument was being installed under the aegis of a residential forum in the State. “It can help in creating awareness among the public on water conservation,” said Mr. Hameed. The rain gauge was installed as part of the forum’s water conservation project, ‘Jalasree.’ Steps such as digging rain pits, building bunds in fields, and trenching around the trees, have already been started by the 101 members of the forum.

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‘Knowledge, art, and sweat for a better society,’ is the slogan of Niravu Vengeri. Exemplifying its motto is a new project, conceived by its farmers’ club with the help of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). The project, titled ‘Village Livelihood Safety Programme,’ which was launched at Vengeri on July 4, 2014, by Ramesh Tenkil, Chief General Manager of NABARD, envisages producing items from vegetables to milk to spices at members’ backyards and marketing them through a centralised system. The programme has seven components, says District Panchayat Skill Development Centre chairman K. Sreedharan. All the members of the club will cultivate vegetables, organically, on the premises of their houses. Each resident will grow five varieties.Ten neighbourhoods will keep dairy units, comprising three cows, for milk and manure. The cowshed will be set up with financial aid from NABARD. The cows will be purchased with low-interest loans from Canara Bank, which is also associating with the project. All forum members will have either pipe or vermicompost units on their premises with assistance from the Corporation. Another component is mushroom cultivation units in 10 select houses. There will be an outlet to sell the excess produce. K.P. Padmakumar, NABARD District Development Manager for Kozhikode and Malappuram, D Suresh Kumar (Dy. General Manager, Canara Bank circle office Kozhikode), K Bhuvanadas (Lead Bank Manager, Kozhikode) are also attended the function.