Pro Planter

  • Project Introduction: This project proposes an innovative and automated agriculture system that integrates IoT technology and digital controllers to improve efficiency and optimize resource allocation for farmers in Kerala
  • System Configuration: The system will consist of 15 pots, with 5 equipped with advanced IoT controllers and 10 with digital controllers, enabling data collection and analysis to drive informed decision-making
  • Data-driven Service: The project emphasizes data collection and analysis for a period of 6 months to optimize resource allocation, enhance crop yield, mitigate risks, and support research and development of sustainable agricultural practices
  • Automation Benefits: The fully automated cultivation process will reduce manual labor requirements, improve efficiency, and increase productivity compared to traditional farming methods
  • Scalability and Adaptability: The project is designed to be scalable for both small-scale and large-scale farming operations, catering to the diverse agricultural landscape of Kerala
  • Possibilities and Future Scope: Opportunities exist for utilizing data for advanced analytics, AI, predictive modelling, and precision agriculture techniques, facilitating knowledge dissemination among the farming community to promote adoption of modern agricultural methods
  • Project Impact: This project aims to be a transformative solution for Kerala's agriculture, addressing challenges faced by farmers and transforming traditional practices. It has the potential to make agriculture more sustainable, profitable, and contribute to rural development
  • Support Request: NABARD's funding and guidance are requested to further develop and implement this project, which aligns with NABARD's mission to promote agricultural and rural development. The project team seeks an opportunity to present the project in detail and discuss potential collaboration