Organic Outlets

Niravu Farmers Producer Company: Empowering Farmers & Community.
Niravu FPC has two outlets in Nadakkav and Tadambattutazham.
Niravu Farmers Producer Company (FPC) is a unique initiative in India that empowers farmers and promotes sustainable agriculture. It operates two outlets, one in Nadakkav and another in Tadambattutazham vegetable market, selling a wide variety of products produced by its farmer-shareholders.

Products Sold by Niravu
  • Vegetables and Fruits
    Fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits grown by local farmers using sustainable practices
  • Seeds and Saplings
    High-quality seeds and saplings of diverse varieties, encouraging farmer selection and diversification
  • Fertilizers and Bio-fertilizers
    Organic and bio-fertilizers that promote healthy soil and reduce dependence on harmful chemicals
  • Grains
    Locally grown grains like rice, wheat, and pulses, ensuring a stable supply of quality food
  • Honey
    Pure, unadulterated honey produced by beekeepers in the community, promoting sustainable beekeeping practices
  • Various Oils
    Oils extracted from local seeds like coconut, sesame, olive oil, almond oil,virgin coconut oil etc offering healthy alternatives
  • Value-added Products
    Processed and packaged food items prepared by farmers from their produce, such as jams, pickles, and chutneys

  • Benefits of Niravu FPC
  • Fair Prices for Farmers
    Eliminates middlemen, ensuring farmers receive a fair price for their produce
  • Direct Access to Consumers
    Provides a direct platform for farmers to connect with consumers, building trust and relationships
  • Increased Income and Livelihood
    Improved income opportunities for farmers and their families
  • Sustainable Agriculture Practices
    Promotes organic and sustainable farming methods, protecting the environment for future generations
  • Community Development
    Strengthens the local agricultural community by providing resources and support
  • Healthy Food for Consumers
    Provides access to fresh, healthy, and locally-grown food for consumers
  • Making healthy and sustainable food accessible to the community
  • Promoting local agriculture and reducing reliance on long-distance transportation of produce
  • Creating a vibrant and sustainable food system for the region