Energy Conservation

Bio Bins

Supply of Biodegradable waste disposal systemsbio bins, biogas plants, and ring composts:
Bio bins are containers designed specifically for collecting organic waste. Niravu supplies these bins to households and communities to encourage segregation of organic waste at the source

  • Reduces the amount of organic waste mixed with other trash, making it easier to compost
  • Diverts organic waste from landfills, preventing methane emissions and pollution
  • Provides a convenient way to collect and store organic waste for composting

  • Niravu's Role
  • Supplies different types and sizes of bio bins to cater to diverse needs
  • Provides guidance and training on using bio bins effectively
  • May offer collection services for composted organic matter

  • Biogas Plants

    Biogas plants convert organic waste into biogas, a renewable energy source, and bio-slurry, a nutrient-rich fertilizer. Niravu provides these plants to households, farms, and institutions

  • Produces clean energy from waste, reducing reliance on fossil fuels
  • Generates organic fertilizer for farms and gardens
  • Reduces waste disposal costs and environmental pollution

  • Niravu's Role
  • Offers different sizes and types of biogas plants to suit various needs
  • Provides assistance with installation and maintenance of the plants
  • May offer training on operating and maintaining biogas plants

  • Ring Composts

    Ring composts are simple, low-cost structures used to compost organic waste. Niravu supplies these composts to individuals and communities to encourage decentralized composting

  • Provides an easy and efficient way to compost organic waste at home or in small communities
  • Reduces reliance on chemical fertilizers and promotes healthy soil
  • Saves money and resources compared to buying commercially produced compost

  • Niravu's Role
  • Supplies different sizes and types of ring composts
  • Provides training and guidance on using ring composts effectively