Zero Waste Management

Beyond Organic Farming: Embracing Solid Waste Management
Our journey took a significant turn when members witnessed the detrimental effects of plastic on soil health. This realization spurred the creation of Niravu Zero Waste Management, a dedicated division focused on tackling this critical environmental challenge

Water Conservation

Supply of Biodegradable waste disposal systemsbio bins, biogas plants, and ring composts

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Sustainable Farming

Niravu Farmers Producer Co. Ltd. has been actively promoting sustainable farming practices for over a decade. In collaboration with NABARD, they have proposed various project such as Banana Bank and Pro Planter

About Us

Established in 2006, Niravu began as a community initiative dedicated to promoting organic farming in Vengeri, Kozhikode City Corporation. Recognizing the need for high-quality indigenous vegetable seeds, we embarked on a journey to source them from various regions within the state. This dedication to sustainable practices led to Vengeri being declared the first organic village in Kerala in 2008, a testament to our collective efforts.


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Major Projects

Niravu Farmers Producer Company (FPC)

Niravu Farmers Producer Company (FPC) has expanded its reach beyond farmer empowerment to become a vital player in waste management across Kerala. Operating as a "Haritha Sahaya Stapanam" (Green Support Center), Niravu manages the "Haritha Karma Sena" (Green Action Force) in various Grama Panchayats (village councils) across the state.